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Thread: Looking for new nh

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    not interested anymore as you are recruiting at the same time
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    Wicked Witches (9pjq88qg) is looking for new team mates. We are a successful derby hood. Send me a message if interested. Please see below description of what we are looking for:

    Our group is a derby oriented neighborhood. We formed this group so that we could develop a friendly neighborhood of derby enthusiasts and build a team of great players. Our goal is to help everyone in all aspects of the game. If you need something, ask. Our team is here to help. We help all players upgrade barn and silo storage and share town and land expansion items. Players will ask on chat who needs upgrade items. We also announce when our shops are full before ad is placed.

    However, we do have a few guidelines:

    ~ All 9 tasks are required of at least 310+ points during regular derbies and 320+ for special derbies . The tenth task is optional. As team players, we ask that you complete your tasks. If you are unable we have team members who keep revives and/or mining tools to help and can also assist with boat and truck tasks. Players who consistently have tasks that time out or who do not complete tasks will be removed out of respect for other team players. If you have a busy week and need to opt out that is understandable.

    ~While this is a very helpful group, if you are asking for items from others, we expect you to also be helping as well.

    ~All members are promoted to elder to help keep board clear of low point tasks and accept new players. We leave all tasks on the board over 310 points as players all have their favorite tasks. Leaders and co-leaders will remove tasks over 310 if they remain on the board too long or if there are too many of the same task types..will do a chat last call in case someone wants a task to remain as their next task because they are finishing up a task.

    ~We do not save tasks. Tasks on the board are first come, first serve.

    ~If you do not play your town, please go in and send your visitors away. This helps those doing town tasks during derby.

    ~We use facebook as a means of communication on things happening in the neighborhood.

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    Hi there! I'm Jannie, leader at KEEPING IT REAL #8YLJCQCY, white horse blue heart. We have plenty of room. Our NH is an international English speaking hood. We are friendly and helpful and ask the same in return. We keep our NH size at 15-20 for optimal task choices. Derby requirements are 315+ 9 tasks (we usually do straight 320) 10th is optional and always helpful, special derby 400. We have a solid derby record and dedicated players who play to relax, enjoy, chat a bit and hopefully win! You can find our complete overview in the Neighborhood Recruitment Section of the forum or just come on by and check us out and join!

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    Heck come join me for a relaxing horseshoes only derby!
    A Van Down By The River TAG#9J8L9GC2. Quiet but active hood, derby for horseshoes only, perfect for 2nd farms, feeder farms, or just casual quiet farming. Need co-leaders!

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    Hi Doodpatch & Friend 😁

    I think you and your friend would be great additions to our neighborhood. We are a small hood of 5, looking to expand. We are derby focused and always in championship league. We try to do max point tasks and take 10th tasks when possible. We expect all members to finish their 9 tasks. We are friendly and helpful and love to work together to finish derby tasks and upgrade/expand our farms.
    Check us out 😊
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    we are a group of 20...very friendly and bend over backwards to help each other..took 2nd place in champion league last derby..everyone did 9 tasks with 6 of us that did 10...10th task completely optional..we use the chat bar as communication is essential..we don't promote as soon as you get to the hood, but promote quite often..I always trash every task under 300 points and do it frequently..we all pull our weight..are adults, English speaking...most members are in the states but have members in Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Scotlan, South Africa and Canada ..check us out

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    We are a relaxed drama free hood that splintered off from a competitive drama hood a year ago. We’ve been playing together a number of years. We are all in Canada across three time zones

    Heres what we do:
    310/9 or opt out of derby..we are aiming for horseshoes
    320+ on special derbies
    Donation achievement (crops padding your inventory!)
    upgrading/expansion rotation (participation optional)

    We are all super busy in RL, and aren’t always on to chat, but are responsive to requests for help Our leader is not a mediator or babysitter, so we all act like adults, do our part, and speak respectfully and politely to each other.

    Full disclosure as of summer 2018 only three of our nine members are active. We are faced with rebuilding or abandoning our hood and prefer not to leave. Wanna help us rebuild?

    Request to join if you’d like to give us a try

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    I have openings for new members. We have a good range of individuals at levels, from level 35. Everyone in the group is friendly and very helpful. Our group is No drama and clean cut. If you want a relaxed environment and enjoy playing the derby, we are your new neighborhood. Derby participation or opt out if life prevents you from playing the derby is required. If you are absent from derby for 3 weeks you will be moving to a new neighborhood. Then the only rule is to treat others the way you want to be treated.

    Check out “THE NEW BUSY BEES” or look more e up at # 9YYLLPR. Look for the red fox in a round blue logo. I look forward to meeting you.

    Ms. Bee

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