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Thread: The Tesla Tower prototype

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    The Tesla Tower prototype

    I would like to talk about the Tesla tower prototype, a prototype that I think, would be good. The Tesla tower at level 3 does 100 damage max, and does a small splash damage radius( about double the radius of a mine in boom beach). At level 2 & 1, they do 75 damage and 50 damage per second ( it does 1 hit per 1 second). The tower cannot see through smoke and wonít attack any troops in it, its range is 15 tiles, it can be helpful against weak troops like the zookas, the riflemen, the cryoneers, and maybe even the warriors, but they cannot kill strong troops like heavys, tanks, and scorchers. All the prototypes level hpís from 1 to 3 is: 15,000-20,000-25,000. It can be helpful also against critters when players use them.
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    What do you guys think?

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    It's bee requested as both a proto and a regular defense.
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    Думаю что это подходит только слабым игрокам.

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