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Thread: Random idea thought of while staring at an empty map...

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    Random idea thought of while staring at an empty map...

    “Is the rate that opponent and game generated bases repopulate your map after you defeat them the same for everyone? When I get time to play, I can clear the map easily. I was wondering if you would consider the idea of a statue (perhaps blue) that would boost the refresh rate of enemies on the map. Much like the other statues, you could decide if you wanted it. This would also keep more active players from having to stop gameplay altogether and wait a day or so once their map is cleared. Pass it on to the developers if you think it’s a good idea.”

    I asked this question today in customer support and was sent a link to sign up on this forum. I think a statue that would boost the time it takes to spawn new opponents on your map would be fantastic. It would even solve (to some degree) some of the problems active players have that are getting higher level dead accounts on their map by including the refresh rate in the boost. If you can boost resource production for someone that likes to ‘farm’ patiently, why can’t you boost the rate at which opponents spawn for people that like to fight actively? It seems a fair and easy implementation.

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    You gotta know that the statues are gonna have to be at a VERY low percent, otherwise we may have some bugs, I like the idea but it also may give you impossible bases to defeat, so you should check on that

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    Welcome to the forums, COBRA!

    In Boom Beach, there are no inactive accounts at those lower levels that people see on their map. That maxed out player sitting at 400 VP is indeed active. Boom Beach removes bases from the matching pool upon 48 hours of inactivity. Only exception are those bases which are within the Top 50 of a leaderboard, they remain until they drop out of the Top 50 and then are removed.

    And yes, the chance of map repopulation of two players with the same map situation (same number of freed islands at same map exploration level) is identical. But since it is a chance item, the repopulation rate may differ. One player could be lucky and have favorable die rolls getting 5 map invasions within an 8 hour stretch, while the other player has an unlucky streak and has only one.

    So then what of a new statue, as suggested. Let us assume that some statue or statues could raise a current 16% chance to 22% (double current odds of an invasion). People tend to want more invasions for one of two reasons:
    Group A - They are VP pushing, chasing the Leaderboard. This would be the higher level VP group, those who want to attack more to gain VP.
    Group B - Those who want to attack more to gain more resources.

    For Grouo A, such a statue then would become mandatory. If others had it and you did not, you would be attacked more (selected more often from the pool) then you yourself were attacking, thus guaranteeing VP fall. So quickly at the higher VP levels where all are pushing VP all players would have those same statues, giving them all now the same 22% chance. Then we are back to the same identical situation we have today. Each person may get six additional players on their map each day, but they are also being raided six more times per day, resulting in no net gain.

    As for Group B, an increase in invasion chance has no bearing when doing a "Find new opponent" to replace those unbeatable bases. Regardless of invasion chance, you still have to wait out 24 hours. And when it is available, there is no chance invasion involved, you are 100% guaranteed to be given a replacement. You are still selecting from the same player pool at the same rate (once every 24 hours). Hence for those unbeatable bases on your map, such a statue changes nothing at all (since the odds it impacts does not even come into play).

    For that Group then, what impact would they see for the invasion chance, the freed islands? I suspect very little gain with such a statue. Developing players have smaller maps, with some of those "unbeatables" noted occupying space. Hence they tend to have low invasion probabilites to begin with. So doubling their invasion chance for example from 3% to 6% would produce little, if anything at all. Maybe give them 1 or 2 more invasions per day.
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