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Thread: The Slicer prototype

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    The Slicer prototype

    This is my idea that I thought about, it is called The Slicer prototype, it can reach a moderate range of 16 tiles, and can slice troops through smoke doing 400 dms per sec (it does 1 hit in 1 second) at level 3, for level 2 it will do 300, and for level 1 it will do 250 damage per second. It will have 20,000 health in the first, 25,000 at the second, and 30,000 for the last prototype levels. The first will be unlocked at weapons lab level three and then so on for the other levels. After players destroy the slicer, it will do the same as the flotsam cannon after it is destroyed, which it explodes making it explode its slicers around itself, in which the range is 14 tiles. Tell me what you all think.
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    What do you guys think?

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