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Thread: All Star event

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curtisd2 View Post
    Noctaire lets get on discord voice tomorrow and we'll walk through the best hybrid hits in more dePth. You have my discord right?

    The replays should be saved on youtube from the live stream if not I'll create a few more for us

    I don't think I have it...? This weekend is my "big war" weekend - I run a 50v50 where I pull over 25 or so accounts. Got about 6 hours left and I'm still finishing up my upper TH9 attacks, so my eyes are getting crossed.... How do you look for tomorrow (Monday)?

    Quote Originally Posted by iHeron View Post
    I've seen several of your videos, some good stuff.

    Typically I'll get 64-72% against max BH8 (excluding when I make mistakes, which happens often when I'm tired, or weird traps), whereas above that it's usually because the base has some bad flaws (especially 3 stars).

    Looking at some of curtisd2 battles, he manages to squeeze several percentage points more than I may have against the same base.
    He's got a lot of experience (treble the number of my versus wins), so there's a lot of knowledge there.

    Several of my Clash friends are just other people also in the 5.5k range, who submitted requests after our battles. Obviously we can't chat as in different clans, but we often the watch each others live battles. There's something cool about watching and learning from people who are good at what they do.
    That's the level of player where most of my replays originate. I get a few from my own clan (Divergent Void) but the bulk come from Oz Builders, probably the strongest crew in Australia. By season's end, several of them are hovering in the near 6K range and they spend the better part of the season above 5K, so I usually get some good stuff from them. I've tried to cover all of the main strats - I'm just wrapping the SA strats now (ArchMin goes live this afternoon/evening) and, of course, I usually link them over on the forum guide page as well. I'm moving to a focus on the HV now (I've covered just about everything there is to cover on the BB) and will probably switch to just one BB video each week, zeroed in on the more custom strats and what makes them work, why use this troop over that, and so forth. Hopefully, Curtis and I can catch up to each other this week and get some more of his replays up as well; I'm farming Clan XP on Divergent Void, so most of my time will be spent over there the next several days, in and out of wars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curtisd2 View Post
    If any one else wants to watch the best builder hall players in the game Face off here is the link

    parts of this were great, thanks for sharing.

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    I have the replay of the overall winner if someone want me to put them up I can

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    I've played the vast majority of players in this over the last couple months, some wins, some losses, some close draws.

    But now I'm after playing the winner of this, I can't even use my tiredness as an excuse for the loss as he hammered my base !!

    Just when I thought my latest base was holding up (62% average) at the top, he hits for 74% ��

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