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Thread: Main account and second looking for active clan

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    Seven and Seven - Leader of the clan Pick Yer Poison (Tag#LJJPVVLY).

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    Too Chilled Out adult farming / easy war clan - looking for new members

    We are a group of adult players who like a no stress/no drama clan. We are sister clan of Chill Out lvl9 clan.This is a farming, war practicing and relaxing clan with a friendly atmosphere.

    Our clan tag: #GUUCJQJP

    We are currently recruiting friendly, active, mature clashers at all level THs.

    What we expect from you:

    • English speaking, adults 20+ only please.
    • Discord messenger is recomended for communication outside CoC and for war strategies.
    • No drama. Respect your clanmates

    We are an international clan, English speaking only please. Wars are usualy B2B, occasionaly there are breaks in between. If you opt in for war it is expected to do both attacks. You are requested to opt out if you cannot attack for any reason or if you upgrading heroes or spell factories.

    If you like to try us type in request you found us on forums!!!!

    Other way you might be rejected.

    See ya !!!!

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    Please join our clan named The Panthers clan level is 7 or anyone among these two will be the leader clan tag is #9QYRQ8JR join this clan if you like it thank you have a nice day

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    I'm looking for some good people to create a clan with me. So if you're interested, please VM or DM me.
    TH9 | #2Y28QJV8 | 15/15
    Looking For Clan Currently

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    Hey Ryan,

    We are a relativelynew clan that has just achieved level 3 status looking to build up members andenjoy the clash experience. We will be able to help you develop your villageand attacking skills. Currently we are warring three times a week and achievemaximum rewards in the clan games. Winning is not the main focus of our clanrather we want members to grow and enjoy the clash experience. If that soundslike what you are looking for, come check us out at Steelcityfarm. Here is alink to our ad:

    Clan | Steelcityfarm |ID # 20VP2UGRC

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