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Thread: Putting deployed statues back in statue storage

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    Putting deployed statues back in statue storage

    Hello, I am tank415, and today I want to talk about putting deployed statues back in statue storage. The reason for this is because we like statues, so if we had to destroy our favorite deployed statues just for ones to help us, then what can we do? Well, I was thinking of adding an option of either destroying your statues, or putting them in the statue storage so that we can use them later, and then we can use the new statues now, it will be much more easy than destroying your statues, replacing them with other statues, then replacing them too even though they’re good, no, I’m thinking that if we could put our statues back, then it would be much more easier, and then we can use them later. I think having that kind of option would be great for Boom Beach.
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    Welcome to the forums, Tank!

    Please read for an answer.
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    Oh, ok, so it would be op, alright then

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