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Thread: Need a clan

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    Red Eclipse #PYCY20LG is a L14 active war clan. We do back to back wars and currently our log is as follows: Wars 434 of which we have Won 350 and lost 84 with no draws.

    To Apply join our discord Recruitment server

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    I am maxed th 9 with level 27+ heroes. Looking for a war and farm clan.. #9qv9g8y2u

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    Hello, currently my clan is looking for th9s with those kind of heroes. Whenever you are free apply to the clan HouseOfThrones or use the tag #GPRRGLRQ

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    Your account sounds like a perfect fit for TheCrimsonGate, the feeder clan to two large war clans, TheCrimsonKeep and the TheCrimsonKeep2. It's the perfect place to learn the ropes and prepare for more serious wars in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

    TheCrimsonGate is part of a larger clan family, so our members can also benefit from the community our other clans bring. TheCrimsonFamily currently also contains:

    • TheCrimsonKeep (#JQVJVUR): Serious war clan. Recruiting th10+. Adults. Discord is required.
    • TheCrimsonKeep2 (#GVVU90VU): Casual war clan. Recruiting balanced th7+. Takes a day off between wars.

    Hope to see you soon.
    TheCrimsonKeep (#JQVJVUR): Serious war clan. th10+. Adults, supportive and friendly. Always improving.
    TheCrimsonKeep2 (#GVVU90VU): Casual war clan. Balanced th7+. Takes a day off between wars.
    TheCrimsonGate (#8J9QVPRCQ): Feeder to TCK and TCK2. Recruiting th7+. Learn the ropes.

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    Hi we are Indian based fairplay war clan, Currently participation in ewl veteran, We need some good th10 attackers to performe in ewl as far as cg we max everytime. If you interested to join our clan please visit our discord server :

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    Hey Guy,

    We are a relativelynew clan that has just achieved level 3 status looking to build up members andenjoy the clash experience. We will be able to help you develop your villageand attacking skills. Currently we are warring three times a week and achievemaximum rewards in the clan games. Winning is not the main focus of our clanrather we want members to grow and enjoy the clash experience. If that soundslike what you are looking for, come check us out at Steelcityfarm. Here is alink to our ad:

    Clan | Steelcityfarm |ID # 20VP2UGRC

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