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Thread: BUILDER BASE: Please allow Elixir in Wall Upgrades

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    BUILDER BASE: Please allow Elixir in Wall Upgrades

    Hello Supercell team. I have been playing builder base daily normally. Meaning, I collect resources and win 3 times per day. So I get around 737000 gold and 737000 elixirs per day as per my current trophy range. Now that i have finished all elixir troop upgrades, I am left with just Battle Machines level 21-25. Thatís 16,500,000 elixir to go before I max out Battle Machine. Thatís about to happen after 22 days. And then there wonít be any more elixir upgrade until we get Builder Hall 9. My question is, will we get Builder Hall 9 soon enough that my elixir wonít be wasted or will you finally allow wall upgrades using elixirs? Many thanks!

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    You can use elixir to upgrade walls from 7 to 8 in Builder Base.

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    OP you must have lots of walls still to do because as mentioned above when you get to the point where you have lots of elix you will be able to dump it in lv 8 walls. BHB has been hinted not to be coming out until the end of the year or not until the next. So I think many of us will eventually get to the point where loot is no longer the objective.

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    You already can use elixir to upgrade walls from lvl 7 to lvl 8.
    I'd suggest you upgrade one wall segment at a time (with gold up to lvl 7 and the final lvl with elixir)
    Don't try to upgrade them all to lvl 5 then all to lvl 6 and then all to lvl 7 since that will just slow you down. ( that if your goal is to max out asap of course)

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    get each piece straight to level 7
    if you need to dump elixir upgrade it to 8 with elixir
    that's what i have been doing

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    Keep in mind it costs 1m to upgrade 5 to 6 and 2m 6 to 7 and 3m 7 to 8, meaning every 3m loot you get ( which comes in pairs ), you can upgrade a wall from 5 to 8

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