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Thread: Crabby Apply Winos 🍷 You know who you are, and we NEED you!

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    Lightbulb Crabby Apply Winos 🍷 You know who you are, and we NEED you!

    We work hard but we play hard too. We are a young neighborhood, 20 weeks old with a pretty good track record so far, in the top 3 championship league about every other week with 11 trophies so far. We currently have five ✋members and need to grow. This is an English speaking neighborhood. We take the derby seriously, we are helpful and chatty, we donate to our team members once they become elders to help grow their farms. To win, all players have to complete 9 of the highest point tasks for that derby plus a 10th task. We trash as needed, but no trash talk, that gets you booted. For a chance at winning a championship derby we need 100% participation and completion. If this is how you play, consider giving our neighborhood a try for a week or so to see if we are a fit. Required level is 67, anyone can join. Hope to meet new neighbors soon!
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    We know you are out there! Come for a visit!

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    Nows the time, get to know us before the derby starts!

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    Mystery derby next! Hoping for a few new neighbors!

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