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Thread: Level 146 & 114 user need level 10+ clan.

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    We won’t let you down

    Prism is a LEVEL 11 clan which is usually maxed with players (including a few alts accounts) however, we are recruiting some fresh, active players. We are a friendly, mostly UK/USA, mixed gender and most importantly ADULT ONLY clan.

    We ALWAYS achieve MAX tier on clan games usually within 48 hours, we’d require you to do your best to help towards this.

    We war constantly, war is optional however we are ideally looking for new players who want to war. No pressure, just follow the war plan!

    Rules? We are looking for English speaking, loyal and fairly active players who donate troops, pull their weight in clan games (if they want to receive the rewards) and use both attacks in war.

    Feel free to pop by and see if we are the right clan for you, just mention ‘Lea in forums’ or add me as a friend.

    My tag is #2RQ9VUPV2
    Clan tag is #8YC8PP88

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    TheCrimsonKeep is a serious, adult, level 15 war clan established in March 2015 and still going strong. We have a solid core, always improving our skills, and always looking for the top talent. We're recruiting balanced th10s and up.

    Contact us in-game #JQVJVUR or on Discord.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Other clans in our family:

    • TheCrimsonKeep2 (#GVVU90VU): Casual war clan. Recruiting balanced th7+. Takes a day off between wars.
    • TheCrimsonGate (#8J9QVPRCQ): Feeder to TheCrimsonKeep and TheCrimsonKeep2. Recruiting th7+. Learn the ropes, and move up.

    TheCrimsonKeep (#JQVJVUR): Serious war clan. th10+. Adults, supportive and friendly. Always improving.
    TheCrimsonKeep2 (#GVVU90VU): Casual war clan. Balanced th7+. Takes a day off between wars.
    TheCrimsonGate (#8J9QVPRCQ): Feeder to TCK and TCK2. Recruiting th7+. Learn the ropes.

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