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Thread: Fastest Way to max out the Heroes.

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    Fastest Way to max out the Heroes.

    Hey Community!
    I recently upgraded my maxed out TH8 Base to TH9 and immediately started with upgrading my heroes and troops.
    Currently, my King is at level 19 and Queen is on level 17. I strive to max out my heroes as fast as possible while I upgrade my troops to max level at the same time.

    Up to now, farm with 4 Pekkas, 4 Healers (for Queen-Walk), 6 Wall Breakers, rest Wizards.
    That combination of troops does not cost me any dark elixir. After the Clangames, i use the books for instantly complete my heroes upgrades. With the farm-attacks, I always try to reach a "2-star", my current league is Crystal League 1 with about 2400 Pokis.

    Do you think, that is a good strategy in terms of maxing out the heroes fast?
    Or do you know any better strategy?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Here is an image from my status quo (farming base).
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    That’s a fine strategy and seems to be working well for you.

    giwipe, goblin knife, loonian, AQ walk into any elixir army are also good alternatives.

    basically any army you are good at getting to De without spending De is a good De farming army and you’ve found one that works for you.

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