It is Hard for Low Level to Defend against Grenadiers Because They out range most of the defenses but Today I will tell how to defend from them.
To Defend Against grenadiers you will need High level Sniper Towers , Boom Cannons , High Level Rocket Launchers.But you can Defeat them By using Only Grappler surrounded by High Level Flamethrowers . Once they will come to your base Grappler will grab 1 Grenadier and it will be Damaged Medics will go Running Helplessly into the Battlefield to Heal them! But the Medics will be Killed Before they Reach the Grenadier(s) to Heal them and Only Grenadiers will be Left . This way you can Defend against Grenadier even if they are Maxed Because their Health will be low whatever their Level is But if you are a good Guy Please Don't do this or I will never be able to win Again .

The End