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Thread: New building idea

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    New building idea

    I think a cool idea for a new building would be a decoy HQ. It would have the same look as your currently leveled HQ and would show the same stats for health, even as being attacked and other buildings being destroyed. I think decoys in general would be a neat feature.

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    Please go to ideas and feature requests and read the rules out ideas. I believe this would fall under hidden traps.

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    Yes, like an inflatable HQ! Probably won't happen, but I like it.

    I've had some success in the past using a popular base setup and then switching around the HQ with the Armory, and people would go and attack the Armory first (especially fatal if they used warriors).

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    Interesting. So what happens if you take down the decoy HQ?

    a) Carry on to attack the real HQ until time runs out (failure) or real HQ is destroyed (success)?

    b) Considered a failed raid (successful defense for the other party)?

    c) Considered a successful raid but you get lesser rewards? Say 1 VP instead of 2?

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