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Thread: level 13 player with 3 days experience is looking for a neighbourhood

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    level 13 player with 3 days experience is looking for a neighbourhood


    I've recently started playing, I think I am looking for a neighbourhood although I don't entirely understand why yet

    if you fancy taking a n00b recruit then let me know

    leader of lilbucknuts, #PPV9JJU0, level 14 clan, best win streak 29 (13/04/2018)

    accepting th8 - th10 for wars, no engineers, no .5s, balanced bases with big heroes

    we hit max tier rewards every clan games, no pressure to war if you dont want to

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    Hi comical I am a coleader of Dairy Delights. We made this hood for derby lovers and new comers alike so feel free to check us out.
    #PPL9JGLP is our tag. Also, join our discord sever for more info and to chat
    Zach Level 52
    Silo - 975
    Barn - 1050
    Official Hay Day Discord :

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    We need 2-3 dedicated derby players. We want to keep our nh small. It helps ensure good tasks are easier to get and keeps the drama down. If interested, please join us, I’d love to meet you. Nh name is Kville and Tag is #P2PY8UQP , red mouse with purple background. One reason to join a nh is for fellow neighbors to put things in their shop at a coin for you to either help you raise money or expand barn and silo. We do that here. Please join us.

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    Hi cOmical,
    It's a good idea to look for a neighbourhood. Very soon you are going to find you could do with a bit of help with crops or even produce and maybe even a little friendly advice.
    We would be very happy to have you join us at Wonkey Donkey's tag#JJYPGRJ.
    We are a group of farmers levels 20 to 95, from UK, USA , Mexico and Asia.
    We do have a derby team, but you would not be able to compete with us until you are at a much higher level but we can help you grow.

    We are invite only, so if you are interested and would like to join us, I would need your farm tag.


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