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    Looking to start a league with great rewards for clans!

    Hello All,
    I would like to start a league for war clans and we would have great prizes for winner. I wish I could advertise these events through supercell. I have a vision to hire trainers, staff, etc and start a league with some people. If you want to be part of the team DM me and we could discuss this.

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    Hi Op,

    Before you promote on engage on this activity you might want to read the forum rules and contact a Mod since this can violate few of the forum rules.

    Forum Rules

    6. Discussion or promotion of products, free gem, or third party gem sites, competitors' games, illegal activities, drug references, emulators, music/intellectual property piracy is strictly prohibited. This includes any discussions on how to run any Supercell games outside officially supported platforms.

    10. Do not advertise, promote or link to user-run contests related to Supercell Games without prior written consent from Supercell.

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    It's ok to discuss and promote leagues, groups, alliances and in-game events, provided it's not monetized and no prizes of value are given. They must only be for the fun or the glory within the confines of the game, following all the Terms of Service. Based on your description of hiring staff and great rewards, you would need to contact Supercell and attain written permission. I think it's probably very unlikely that they will grant permission.

    OP, I don't know how much experience you have with running events for a multinational corporation, but there is a lot involved and a lot of responsibility, even for the full-time, experienced Supercell staff. I think you should probably set your sights a little lower and just enjoy playing the game.

    August 2nd, 2018:
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    I ain't an adult so I guess I can't join even though I'm a good attacker but I need someone to teach me
    Quote Originally Posted by farhan12104765 View Post
    I am looking for clan still DM me I'm 14 years old if you have a problem don't invite
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