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Thread: Baby farm question

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    Baby farm question

    Iím wondering on my baby farm should I buy the candle maker 1st or the flower shop? Iím able to buy one at the moment but not both. My baby farm is at level 49 right now.

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    Personally, I feel my farm has a higher demand for candles than the products produced in the flower shop but really it is whatever you prioritize. TBH I really don't use either that much.

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    If your main farm has plenty of excess coins, sell an expensive item to your baby farm for 1 coin, then sell it back at max price. You will soon have enough coins on your baby farm to buy both machines.
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    You don't really need either. Save the coins for the sauce maker at lvl 54.

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    If this is your baby farm, do you not know the relative merits of each machine from your main farm?
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