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Thread: Will TH10.5 war weight ever change?

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    It’s the whole lineup that is matched, they don’t match 1-1 2-2 etc as you would likely never get a matchup. If you have normal list such as 2x12, 5x10 4x9 and an 8 for example you will likely get a match with a similar line up as there will be a larger pool of simular matchups searching. If you have something a bit wild like your line up, matching will be a bit wild to as there won’t be many matchups currently searching that are similar
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    Quote Originally Posted by QSWarz2019 View Post
    I expect to war vs another TH10.. that too much to ask?
    The point others are trying to make is that the war weight consists of the accumulated weight of all bases ... Our new TH11 recently got matched against a full TH12 .... better luck next war .... yes, it's not 'nice' or 'fair' in some ways, but we all know the algorithm isn't perfect, unfortunately ... and yes, the lineup does matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by QSWarz2019 View Post
    I expect to war vs another TH10.. that too much to ask?
    A max th10 has 90K def weight, and maybe 88-91K offense weight, a lower heroes and offense of a new 10.5 is between 85-95K, a new TH10 is 70K+, so a max th10 has a closer weight to new TH11 then a lower TH10

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    In addition to the posts made about unusual line up, which I would agree with, I'd also add :-

    In general, since about a year ago, big TH10's have not been a great place to be. While we often see fully Max TH10s (40/40 all magma) in various leagues (CWL,NDL,AWL etc) the reality is that 99.999% of TH10s out there in Clashland are not fully maxed, so what do we realistically expect single maxed TH10s to pull?

    Either weaker TH10's or early TH11s may be more likely....
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    of course a max th10 is going to match a 10.5. there a lot more 10.5s than max 10s and the weight is pretty close. my advice is to move to th11 yourself

    this match-up is your fault op anyway for bringing such a whacky line-up. a max th10 and 4 th5s?

    come on now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by QSWarz2019 View Post
    I expect to war vs another TH10.. that too much to ask?
    Is your TH10 truly maxed? In which case yes: because you are asking to match only bases totally identical to yours or weaker.

    Generally there'll be some bases a bit weaker and some a bit stronger. For a max TH10 that means matching to some sort of TH11 sometimes
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    5v5 is rarely balanced. Move up to 20v20.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QSWarz2019 View Post
    Sup guys,
    Max TH10 war weight and TH10.5 war weight still about the same 

    I recently did 5 vs 5.
    We had 1 max TH10 and 4 TH5

    The other clan had:
    1 TH10.5 and 3 TH5 and 1 TH4

    Why hasn’t this been fixed. Seems Warden war weight needs to be increased more!

    I don’t know about you guys but as a TH10 I look forward to war vs other TH10s not TH10.5 which are really difficult to 3 Star and sometimes just impossible when they are maxed.

    On the other hand, the TH10.5 can easily 3 Star the TH10 bases.

    Seems really unbalanced guys...
    You tried to manipulate the matchmaker by throwing a bunch of junk low weight in with your max th10. 20% of your roster is max th10. 80% is junk low weight th5. Rather than giving you the advantage you were trying to get, the matchmaker matched you with someone else doing the same as you.

    Quote Originally Posted by QSWarz2019 View Post
    I can gaurante it would be the same outcome.
    My Max TH10 would be matched vs a TH10.5.

    This is the real issue here.
    If it really was one to one matching, as others have said, as a max th10 you will “match” some lower th10s where you will have an advantage, some max th10s where it is even and some newer th11s were you have a disadvantage. That only makes sense. However, it is not a one to one match, so you don’t actually just “match” one other player in the other clan anyway.
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