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    O please, once u bought a piece why pay more to use it again.
    Really, this is a rip off. Thinking of playing (name of game removed by forum Moderator).
    Please change deals with Maggie
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    They have already changed it. Up until the last update you had to pay full price to get a design back, now it is discounted.
    the house, truck and rss designs aren’t like other ‘decorations’ - you are paying for maggie’s services, not a decoration so it is right that she gets paid for the services she carries out each time
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    Next they'd get Greg to change the farm name, or Tom to change game settings. And charge you for it. Coz "it's a service".

    OP got it right, "rip off" is the correct term.

    i'm thinking the whole concept would work better if it felt like a "collection" - something like puzzle pieces or a themed decor set. Having to pay again for the same piece doesn't feel like a "collection", more like short term rental. There's just no incentive to "try renting everything once". No bragging rights, no instant gratification, no fun.

    *At this point in time, if they backpedal on this it would be unfair to those have already paid to cycle through Maggie's sets, so i guess we're stuck with the current situation.
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