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Thread: game freezing when chopping/replanting trees/bushes

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    game freezing when chopping/replanting trees/bushes

    I notice is most on nectar bushes, but that is probably due to them going through that process the most. But, I have seen it on other trees/bushes.

    Basically, chop down a dead tree/bush. Opening the tree/bush menu - just as you click the tree/bush, the game freezes and force quits.

    Occurs both on:
    iPad Air 2
    iPhone 7 plus

    both running latest software updates.
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    I too have noticed this on both my iOS based phone and iPad...

    Happens several times a day but is not reliably re-created... seems a bit random but always related to chopping down something and then opening the menu to replace it... No freeze for me - just a sudden and quick dump to the main phone/tablet screen...
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