Anybody that wants a funny, chatty, active hood this place is for you. Keep in mind this was just started and most likely wonít have any members other than myself in it. Thatís why we (or I) need you to help us (or again me) grow!
Iím interested in:
Having an active hood that chats very often, makes jokes, etc. Having a laid back derby 🐎 (not required to participate or anything but still competitive with the people who do participate) A helpful hood that donates items and requests equally.
NOT interested in:
Inactive farmers that donít chat, farmers who request but donít donate, and farmers that do the derby but donít complete anything.

If interested search ď1-800-HAYDAYĒ in the neighborhood search tab. The tag is #YCU8PVLQ if you are having trouble finding it by name. The icon is a white square with a teal/blue boat wheel