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Thread: Looking to put the best players in the best atmosphere

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    Looking to put the best players in the best atmosphere

    Recruiting players to be a part of our neighbourhood pros and cons are mentioned below ..
    . we are helpful, chatty, competitive and very friendly in nature
    . provide every player the opportunity to improve over the derbies by supporting their tasks
    . a champions league neighbourhood with experienced players
    . Stacking up stuff before derby with everyone's help is supported
    . every derby we strike up at least till 35000 points every regular derby and player point avg. - 2600
    . a lot of trashing of tasks is allowed
    . Power derby is well focused and player point average is 4900- 5100 each time
    . hope you find many more

    . 0 point scoring players are opted out next derby or next to next derby.
    . players continously scoring less than 800 may be kicked out
    . not a con but in general, offensive language and inappropriate behaviour is not allowed
    . selection of players for the power derby is a bit strict based on your performances in previous derbies, however if you request, you can be a part in 3-4 of them, while not at your best
    . hope you don't find anymore

    - we are looking for players of lvl. 50 and above who complete all their tasks (with at least 250 above point tasks)
    - you will also get donations to get yourself boosted
    -your activity will support us and we will for sure support you more

    P.s. Hope you have a good time with us
    NH name :- Proud to be welsh
    【However, all of us aren't Welsh and everyone is welcome】
    NH tag:- #9YYCGRC
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    Fresh Spawn
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    Feb 2018
    Can I join you I'm level 61 player

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    Ohooi!!°° try us

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    Get in!! We still need active players

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    We are still recruiting

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    We are still there and open for more players!!

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    Need players with zest for the derby

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    Hi I see your neighborhood and it looks very good, although Iím only a level 45. Is it ok if you lower the required level so I can join? Im very active and I promise Iíll meet your requirements.

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    For sure Nighthawks we always welcome players who have a mindset to strive for the best, you can put up a request to join in whenever you think ..
    We hope to see you with us soon

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    More players needed..

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