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Thread: Looking for active hood

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    Join our champions league hood, 310+ regular derby and 320+ special derby's. Must complete all 9 tasks, 10th is optional, unless you let a task expire. English speaking. We have members from all around the world. We are a quiet but helpful hood, would love to add some chatty members.
    Members are expected to be active in chat, friendly and helpful.
    Most members play in every derby, some opt out here and there. While this is a very helpful group, if you are asking for items from others, we expect you to also be helping as well. We say please, thank you and you're welcome.

    All members are promoted to elder to help keep board clear of low point tasks and accept new players. We leave all tasks on the board over 310 points as players all have their favorite tasks. Leaders and co-leaders will remove tasks over 310 if they remain on the board too long or if there are too many of the same task types..will do a chat last call in case someone wants a task to remain as their next task because they are finishing up a task.

    We do not save tasks. Tasks on the board are first come, first serve.

    We are a mid sized hood. Our hood is about 2 months old, but most of us came to this one from the same previous hood.

    Looney Toons neighborhood Tag #9Q9GU8R2

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    We're a small active hood that need a new player or 2 310 minimum but we mostly do 320s. 9 tasks, 10th is optional. Champions League.
    TAG # is #80LQYQLG

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    Come check us out we are looking to expand our hood with derby playing players. A stress free hood with no drama. To find us search fluffylemon at #98PQY9PG we are fun friendly and helpful

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    Forever summer, read our ad on neighborhood recruitment. We are a no drama, kind helpful bunch. Championship league. Check us out for a week. You won’t be diasappointed.

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    competitive, very friendly and extremely helpful.. most members from the states with some from South Africa, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland and Canada..came in 2nd in last derby(champion league)...check us out if you want🖖🖖

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    DERBY OUTLAWS is currently accepting a few “derby fierce” members !
    HAYDAY ADDICTED- Friendly & helpful

    *The name of winning champions league NH is “DERBY OUTLAWS “
    *Symbol = yellow round saw blade with a purple horse
    * Fluent English and communication on game chat is definitely required & keeps communication flowing.
    Require 9/10 320/400 tasks with a call for #10 to win
    *Tag #8RQ9JG9Q
    Do You think you will fit in with our forever derby crazy family ?
    Game chat keeps us all up to speed.
    Request to join soon so we can win together as Derby outlaws👍

    Come on over & join our forever hood - Derby Outlaw Leadership. We are looking forward to meeting you to Be a more fierce derby team than ever❣️

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