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    Cool Private messages

    Is there a way to send a private message to a player. I donít want to do it via regular chat as I donít want the whole neighborhood to see the message.

    Thanks in in advance for your replies

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    There is no way thru the game to send a private chat. Many NHs use a messaging app such as Kik to help with NH communications. If the player is a member here on the forum you can send them a PM, you would only need to know their forum name.

    Good luck.
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    You and your hoodies could always join the discord channel Join the Discord to collaborate with helpful farmers and neighbourhood
    Everyone is welcome and we will be more than happy to have you!

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    What my NH has done is we created a FB page for our members. Those who have FB and don’t mind joining the group page is the best way we can keep in touch outside the game. However I realize that might not work for everyone, but it might be a suggestion you can bring up to your NH

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    As Momscar said, there are all the various private chat groups. We use Messenger, which can now be downloaded without using or having FB, and you can also put a shortcut to it on your device's home sceen. It can ping you when you have a message, and the shortcut makes it easy to use. Good luck.

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