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Thread: This is why using wall rings on BB is a bad idea

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    I plan to use the wall rings I have on the builder base simply because they are wasted on the main base where resource is limitless. Don't have many of them to use though as they are very low priority when it comes to prizes in clan games for me.
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    yeah everyones circumstances are diffferent, but mine are similar to OPs so i wont be using them on BH as its a complete waste (given will max regardless if i keep playing), where in MV at least i suppose its a raid or 3 less :/ wont use any until i cap out on em, just in case there is a surprise BH release.

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    I use wall rings on BB. But I'm a BH5. I'm pretty sure I won't be maxed before the update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by esunsalmista View Post
    I use wall rings on BB. But I'm a BH5. I'm pretty sure I won't be maxed before the update.
    Rush to BH8 and I’ll bet you’re pretty durn close....
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    I did the calculations and it aeems that if I pour all Elixir into level 8 walls and all Gold into all the rest of the levels, then my BH8 will max out completely before the end of October.

    I used a couple of wall rings on a level 4 walls, because at the end of the day (today), THAT is the best value you can get for the rings.

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    i think using them on main base is a bad idea since farming has no limit there

    p.s i'll just choose something else from the 3 options which are more useful for me

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    I never use wall ring in my main village because the farming there is limitied.

    I use wall ring ( that i got in clan games ) in builder base so the progress of my wall will be a little fast.

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    I only use wall ring in builder base, in home I farm gold and elixir and upgrade walls. So easy,

    Before Wall Ring introduces in the game, I'm on BH5 at that time, I wanna to max everything, but walls left and it takes about a lot of time.

    Now my BH6 almost maxed, just one more last lvl of roster and battle machine I have to upgrade. Before that I completed my all walls to lvl 6, thanks to Wall Ring I'm ready for BH7. Wall ring best for BB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by valanstyle View Post
    So i am maxed BH8 exept 20 wall piece LVL 5.
    I planned to rush them with all the rings but i Guess BH9 wont be out before 2019 which is way enough time to just farm them.

    In anyways my builder base will be fully maxed soon and i will probably not play any games on the builder base as soon as i am maxed and bh9 is not out.

    What are your thoughts on this guys ?
    For you the best value is using rings to upgrade walls from 7 to 8 (8 rings, 375k per ring)
    The real best value is to upgrade to level 5
    (2 rings, 400k per ring)

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