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Thread: New to Hay Day LVL 18

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    New to Hay Day LVL 18


    I started playing a few days ago, Iíve played similar games so I understand the game flow. Iíve played clash of clans for about 4 years now so just looking for something new!

    Im looking for an active neighborhood and Iíve not experienced a derby, yet but those types of mini games are something I enjoy!

    I am an adult and I live in the states! Thanks!

    #9GOJUPL8 Add me as a friend 😁😁

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    Hello a couple friends and I decided to make a hood for derby lovers and new players alike. We would love to have you in our hood and to help your grow. Our hood is called Dairy Delights it the emblem is the Brown Cow and Yellow Flowers. Our tag is
    Also feel free to join our discord sever for more info
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