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Thread: please make this possible

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    Lightbulb please make this possible

    Guys seriously Many of us like festive decorations (xmas tree or halloween pumpkin ... Etc )and wouldn't remove them for the world, but sometimes their placement is annoying especially when designing a new base, if only we could freely rearrange them to the village edges as we wish. Some even like having a tree outline or bush outline, think how awesome it would be to have a festive outline.
    especially when upgrading townhalls you need the space for a new base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edifier View Post
    Soo, i dont know if this was proposed or not, but,it would be awesome if they let us re arrange the obstacles at our own will and put them where we want. I know i know, its just a detail and not thaaat important, but it cant be that hard to programm, maybe, i dont know haha. And it wouldnt harm anyone, just a detail for better and more organised villages.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    It's something that's on our wishlist of QoL improvements. No definitive timeline as to when we would implement something like this, but we're definitely in agreement that it would be a nice addition.

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