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This pretty much describes my war life they do all those things and I have found since we do mostly small 5v5 me alone being semi competent equates to us dominating them for the most part. For a game I thought was very simple and lacking much nuisance as far as attacking goes I canít believe just how bad some of these players are at attacking I never see such things in ladder. Maybe itís simply rushed players tend to be bad. While Iím sure itís a multivarient thing this does seem to be a major factor. I was quite confused when the first th12 guy tried to hit me with a mix of barbs archers and dragons with less troop space then I have and saw his hero levels were not even double digits. I canít complain personally and perhaps itís a testiment to better matchmaking that itís ablw to find similar strength and th levels. It does only seem fair that I fill all the defensive structures as I end up being the one to reap the most loot taking out the higher up guys. I do feel like for the very first time I have an advantage being In a family small clan with no one higher to donate to me as it does appear to let me constantly win wars. Silver lining

the strangest thing for me is watching a th6 fail to get a star on a th4 on their first attack because they took all barbarians and the valk made mince meat of them, and then they do the exact same thing on the next base. and finish with two attacks totaling about 20% destruction.

all this happens generally well after i have attacked several of their bases. meaning they didn't pay any attention to what i did and just blindly attacked. frankly it's amazing, but i guess that's what casual gaming looks like.