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Thread: Bad luck, coincidence or dishonest players?

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    Bad luck, coincidence or dishonest players?

    Something I've been running into past week that's really starting to get frustrating. When attacking some bases I get message mid attack that I lost connection. After game reloads I try to attack same island and it says player online. That goes on for about 15 minutes of me constantly checking. Then I finally allowed to attack and same thing get lost connection mid attack. Then back to 15 minutes of players on line messages. I have been just giving up and usually by the next time I log in info find new opponent on those bases. Today I have 2 such bases on my map. Every time I get to attack I loose connection then get the player online messages. When game reloads I always have all my troops and nothing in my attack log. I can attack anything else on my map but these 2 bases. This got me wondering if some type of hack is out that helps keep bases protected. Anyone else experiencing anything like this?

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    I've wondered the same thing about other SC games. I'm about to clinch a victory in Clash Royale when all of a sudden I lose connection. By the time I get the connection back the tides have changed and I lose the match.

    Having said that, I think it's bad luck/coincidence.
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    Others have reported the same situation over past few months, and I too have had it happen.

    It may indeed be bad luck, or even a bug. They have had situations before that some, but not all, bases were either unscoutable or unattackable (would crash Boom Beach). So it could possibly be (we cannot know for sure) that some particular situation causes the connection to drop or freeze, and that base becomes unavailable for a period of time. That is, the system cannot access the base (or maybe sees it as locked) hence reports it as "Owner online" when they really are not (it just sees as an unavailable base),

    Why I suspect it could be a bug, and not just random luck, is that the timing people are reporting always seems to be identical, as if something has to cycle through before the base is available again.

    And we also have to keep in mind that there is one and only one message we ever see: Owner online. We never see "base unavailabe due to network", "base currently under attack by another player", etc.. That tells me that they may (stress may) have simply coded it as "if base unavailable, then owner online" since that may have been the only unavailability situation they envisioned.
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    Might be worth reporting it to SC. They could, if they wished, look into it further to identify any bug, or other problem
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    I think these types of posts from forum superstars like rowman and loops are extremely unfair and thoughtless, not to mention baseless in the extreme. What they they infer is that SuperCell, a hugely successful gaming company, will allow bugs and glitches in their software that allow gameplay to be somehow impaired. I think rowman and loops need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and should stop upsetting other forum members with this kind of tinfoil hat rubbish.

    I mean! Software glitches! On Boom Beach!


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    I have been complaining about this matter for nearly a year.
    I have repeatedly reported it to in game support and complied with their requests to get screen grabs and or vid.
    Of course most times this occurs there is no vid as replays miraculously fail.
    Many times my reporting is simply ignored with zero response.
    Its an onerous bug or malicious behavior from the player having been attacked.

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    I remember a bug a while ago that caused to game to crash while you were attacking certain player bases. Allegedly it was fixed. If this keeps happening on the same base you may need to wait until you can hit find new opponent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikect1020 View Post
    I remember a bug a while ago that caused to game to crash while you were attacking certain player bases. Allegedly it was fixed. If this keeps happening on the same base you may need to wait until you can hit find new opponent.
    indeed just a bug..."they"(supercell) watch and don.t "sleep" for this kind of problem...sooner or later they will find solutions for everything(for example:xmode )...we can do just one and wait...and exactly in this order )
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