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    Quote Originally Posted by Holps View Post
    I might get rotten fruit thrown at me from some quarters for suggesting this but have you thought of trying Farm wars? No pressure, loads of loot and some cool crowds of very active clashers if you find the right clan. Two choices really..Orange League or Farm War Alliance. FWA is stricter in terms of rules and administration but in a good clan that is all taken care of by the Co's. OL is also fun but a little more laid back. I could give you few decent clans but won't post them here as you have said you aren't really after that . If you do want me to recommend a few let me know via PM. Good luck finding that mojo...

    Personally I get my buzz from travelling and meeting new clans. It's a bit odd I know but it's what keeps it all fresh for me and I love that initial 'getting to know you' phase. It's the reason I never take a new girlfriend to watch the first movie of a trilogy.
    quoted because i was going to recommend the same for the OP. i spent about two months in an FWA clan to help my th9 upgrade faster and it was a great experience. no war pressure, clan games with fifty people participating, most to Max levels such that we had 200k games points consistently.

    i did get tired of the lack of serious wars but it's great for progressing in the game or pushing trophies. i never waited more than a minute for any troops, regardless of request. and the chat was always at 100 whenever I'd been off for an hour or more.
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    I can totally relate. I started a new base from scratch! Itís a cute little TH7 now and soon to be a TH8. Thatís what fixed my Clash blues 😊

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    You could join our feeder clan, maybe not the most chatty but they love war and would be in need of a decent TH12 and can always hop over to the main clan if you want to spend time farming with donated sieges, hanging out w/e

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    After reading your post, my first reaction was...this guy should look at joining a FWA clan. I made the jump over to a FWA clan right after the TH12 update dropped. For me it was the best way to get back to grinding out my heroes (Again) It also gave me a way to meet new clashers. After years of playing this game, I don't have any issue with being a hopper either. It is the best way to meet other people, and this is a social game.

    Best of luck and Clash On!
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    Maybe you can make a clan? I think that would help you get interested in the game again.

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