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    I can totally relate. I started a new base from scratch! Itís a cute little TH7 now and soon to be a TH8. Thatís what fixed my Clash blues 😊

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    You could join our feeder clan, maybe not the most chatty but they love war and would be in need of a decent TH12 and can always hop over to the main clan if you want to spend time farming with donated sieges, hanging out w/e

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    After reading your post, my first reaction was...this guy should look at joining a FWA clan. I made the jump over to a FWA clan right after the TH12 update dropped. For me it was the best way to get back to grinding out my heroes (Again) It also gave me a way to meet new clashers. After years of playing this game, I don't have any issue with being a hopper either. It is the best way to meet other people, and this is a social game.

    Best of luck and Clash On!
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    Maybe you can make a clan? I think that would help you get interested in the game again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morrison71 View Post
    Iím not trying to find a home with this thread, I just wanted to vent my frustration. I have played this game for years now, never gemmed. I have close to max heroes and base.

    I stayed with my first clan until the leader got cancer and stepped down and it went downhill after that. It was a fun but serious clan. Thatís what I really miss and have been trying to catch ever since. A lot of active people fast donations. Lots of chat activity.

    Itís been years since then and the most fun I have had in a clan is one I joined from global. But that clan has major disadvantages for a th 12, only a few people can donate sieges, donation and chat activity is slow as well.

    I am not serious about war and it seems the really active clans are super serious about war but they arenít much fun. At least in my limited experience. I guess Iím more of a farmer but I enjoy war Iím just not that serious about it. At least compared to some try hards I have run across.

    So I have found myself enjoying this game for years and I donít know where to go from here. My th 12 life is nothing like my th 8 or 9 life filled with others around my same level with same social interests in the game.

    Sorry for rambling, I donít know what to expect from this. I guess Iím wondering if thereís anyone out there who can relate?
    Howís it going for you at the moment?

    Some good suggestions posted for you.

    Hope you find the spark again as you seem like a loyal player

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    Yea man... I know your pain.
    So much I could say but, yea it just isn't what is used to be so many English speaking players have quit except for the hardcore war players.
    SC has a magical recruitment unicorn somewhere their just not releasing it... but until then saying those clans are out their is like saying you can find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow guarded by a magic leprechaun. It's not going to happen, but if you do then they do not have enough slots for your accts or your friends etc... so on...

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    I'm in the same boat as you. I have TH12, love to war but not too serious about it. Started the game in 2013 and still going strong. Love farming and I love the social aspect of the game as well as the community. There are clans like that (like ours) but it'll take time to research and check them out. Most TH11 and TH12s are in clans that have been established in the beginning and have clan level 14+.

    Good luck and clash on!

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    I’ve the exact opposite problem. I have a great clan, but I cannot seem to keep th11 or th12s. Either they are too serious about war and criticize every attack, or they opt in and can’t be bothered to attack and cost us the war. I’ve just about banned accepting anything over a Th10! Seems to me that great th11-12 have already found a home and there’s a reason those still looking are still looking! Nonetheless, I wish you luck in your search ��

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