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Thread: Looking for a fun & chatty, yet relaxed, neighborhood...currently level 43

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    Hi! You probably already found a farm, but I just read this and I think you would be a perfect member for my neighborhood. If you are interested please click the link and look at my farm description to see if it interest you

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    Hey! Iím the leader of Golden Farmers (#PCJRLUR2) We love derby (and winning it) but we also just love farming together. We only have three rules 1. Be active and helpful to everyone 2. Reach derby point requirements (weíre not too strict with this, if your a couple points off youíre still good. You also donít have to participate in derby if you canít or donít want to) 3. HAVE FUN! We love joking around and talking about whatever so if you donít like off topic discussion and getting to know your neighbors, this isnít the right place for you. We hope to see you soon. Weíll be waiting!
    (Required level to join is 25, but I can lower it for you if needed)

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