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    Quote Originally Posted by Bakunin View Post
    At first, on reading MinionsWeb's post, I also thought he meant within the game.

    Then I thought, "why would he expect the statues to be available anywhere other than within the Crab they were associated with....??"

    So, then I wondered if he actually meant the statues should be available to buy from the Supercell Shop (like the Barbarian King for instance) and that made more sense.

    Hopefully he will clear up the confusion.
    This is actually the 2nd time Drew has stated that the trophies could only be earned from from the crab they were associated with. Some people had asked if it would be possible to get more than one chance at earning a trophy.

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    That clears that up then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chauc View Post
    I see some value in adding to the visual clutter of a base layout. Many players dont take much time to scout before attacking. Careful placement of the statues (and now trophies) can get you some extra intel/dimes.
    Iron trophies and shock mines go together like magma MPs and boom mines.

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    Put the hasty statue left of the tribal statue, then put a boom mine where the heel of the boot is.
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    a mi me gusta las eos trofeos porque escondes las minas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexzip View Post
    I like the trophies because you can hide the mines
    Hello Alexzip and welcome to the forums. In the future, please either post in English or include a true English translation! Thank you

    Hola Alexzip y bienvenido a los foros. ¡En el futuro, publique en inglés o incluya una verdadera traducción al inglés! Gracias
    Sad to see the BB forums go :'(
    CIAO all

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    Whatever happens it should be optional. If you want to put all your statues out, you can (until you're out of space). If you want to use a display case, you can. Or you may abstain from either.

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