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Thread: Is there any hoods that are competitive, yet relaxed in derby?

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    We have a championship farm that lost a lot of players due to being burnt out. Currently there’s 3 of us and only 2 of us play the derby. There’s no drama and we’re very quiet. We play 320/400 tasks and only do a 10th if we are going to place in the top 3. We help each other out and typically, it’s a hit or miss on when we are on at the same time. But we do try to meet up around the evening time.

    If this sounds like a match for you, our tag is #92C8YQJ8. Maryland Lazy Acres.

    Best wishes to you!

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    Hurry check us out, Forever Summer. Read our ad on neighborhood recruitment

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    Sent you a PM just in case you have not yet found a hood

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    We are a relaxed drama free hood that splintered off from a competitive drama hood a year ago. We’ve been playing together a number of years. We are all in Canada across three time zones

    Heres what we do:
    310/9 or opt out of derby..we are aiming for horseshoes
    320+ on special derbies
    Donation achievement (crops padding your inventory!)
    upgrading/expansion rotation (participation optional)

    We are all super busy in RL, and aren’t always on to chat, but are responsive to requests for help Our leader is not a mediator or babysitter, so we all act like adults, do our part, and speak respectfully and politely to each other.

    Full disclosure as of summer 2018 only three of our nine members are active. We are faced with rebuilding or abandoning our hood and prefer not to leave. Wanna help us rebuild?

    Request to join if you’d like to give us a try

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    We're a small active hood that need a new player or 2 310 minimum but we mostly do 320s. 9 tasks, 10th is optional. Champions League.
    TAG # is #80LQYQLG
    Also have an ad in the recruitment section

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