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    Most of the advice above is great. I would add that I recommend getting a few level 6 accounts and doing 5v5 wars and maxing clan games as much as possible to get your clan level up, just by yourself. Getting to level 5 is pretty easy I did it in several months. At that point you've got decent clan perks and a +1 level bonus that will draw more attention than a level 1 clan. I picked up a few accounts along the way most of which went dormant although one remains active and while he never speaks he fills donations properly and gets his clan games points in.

    You're going to want to have a donation account that you can use to fill war needs. To get the +2 bonus at first I used a dormant level 10 clan to donate from my higher account, but then my main's clan dropped from 50 members so I was just able to invite the low level accounts for donations. Was much easier that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goonerwinone View Post
    I'm saying it would be nigh on impossible to start a clan from fresh and keep it going without it being old hands or friends.
    Wait...are you saying all those TH 6 clan leaders on global are going to fail?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOOM2U View Post
    Wait...are you saying all those TH 6 clan leaders on global are going to fail?!?
    say that on global and prepare to get WRECKED for bullying and being a hater.

    despite their th12s that they have on broken phones, these th4,5,6 clashers with no war stars and a war timer flood global with begging, yet if I comment about them joining a clan some supposedly adult in a high level clan tells him it is a good idea and just keep at it, then tells me to shut up, as if I am being cruel in any way. These kids end up quitting, not building clans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SharkyFinn View Post
    Aw. So sorry to hear that. Have you tried joining a local club?
    I think you can rent some from Craigslist.... /
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    It is never late. I started out a new clan in May and it is now level 4. The most members it had was 23 and currently has 14.
    It is difficult to get new players to stay if you don't need to their requirements. In my case I can't do the "join join" part. Never did. That's why the number dropped. But I like it that way. Sure it would be nice to have more people but that's not for me.
    It all depends on what kind of person you are when you start a clan and most importantly how much and what quality of troops can you offer.

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    In my opinion if you are alone, then it is better for you to join a clan. If you have some real-life friends who are willing to join/create clan, then go and make it.

    Leveling up clan now is easier than it was half year ago, because clan games also gives clan exp. The problem you will face with the most will be to find valuable players, most of the people from global chat are trash and those from forum mostly search something which is good already.

    Together with my friend (just us 2) we created clan around 8-9 months ago. We were just two people, so the beginnings were hard. But we were aware that we need to start playing wars ASAP in order to get some clan levels and perks. So, we simply invited some random people and we were doing all the job in wars and donations. 0 donations (because they were very low level) etc. I think that because my friend and me are decent players we won most of the wars just by us two + some randoms (never as nr1 or 2 in war), that gave us better clan exp and ofc nice win ration in war log which was public. Then to make our clan more attractive I've made few more accounts on which I was, and I play occasionally, but by which we were winning bigger than 5v5 wars because I could cover any mistakes in lower part of the war map. Later when Clan games were introduced by those accounts I was getting more points, so clan was looking like it was very active and attractive.

    Generally think about what people are searching for in clan, in my opinion it is:
    - Maxed Clan games (because this guarantee they will upgrade fast)
    - Things which make life easier, (from clan perks - fast cc requests, more donation limits at once, troops level increase on donation etc., and from players they expect strong troops which they were asking for, mostly ASAP ... many people can’t wait 2 mins for units even though it takes 6 mins to make them)
    - Nice war win ratio (because mostly they want to win war not just participate)
    - Ability to participate in war often.

    Those are in my opinion main things people are searching, then there are some social things like possibility to talk, to learn from better players etc. But still mainly clan games are the most important because this is the biggest thing you get from a clan. You can have 95% war win ratio as clan but if you can’t get even 1 book from clan games then for sure you won’t have active clan. Different will be if you are aiming to make th12 clan, then such players search for nice war win ratio, but I think that making good war clan is way harder than making just a clan. So it is possible even now, but does it worth? I have lvl 8 clan now, with war win ratio 94:33:4, we max out every clan games and have potential to collect 100k+ points. My additional accounts aren’t needed that much anymore, but still it is a lot of work to make it work. Search for players, guide them, make them happy so they stay with you, donate a lot because no donations = people will quit sooner or later and mostly you are the only one who donate, it is hard to find donators. So if I could turn back time, I would simply join another clan and give damn less myself into this game than I’m doing right now.
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    I think the best part of the game is war. With this in mind, all you need is 5 accounts. It wont matter then, whether anyone joins or not. Think of a catchy name for the clan, and its possible people will wander in. I agree that a good war log helps attract, as does a good clan games participation, and quick donations. But with 5 accounts, you can get started. Theres always global or forum for the social side, until you grow, but building a clan takes time. The sooner you get started, the sooner you become established.
    My advice would be that it is better to be by yourself, rather than bend to peoples demands. So keep control of the clan. If someone makes demands, let them move on. If they complain donations aren't up to standard, or taking too long, let them leave. Don't promote anyone until you can trust them, as an itchy kick finger can destroy everything you build very quickly. It will be your clan, for your enjoyment, and your personal gaming needs. Don't lower your personal goals simply to satisfy members demands. If you fancy trying to build a clan, then go for it. Good luck, and stay happy

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