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Thread: Neighbourhood Wanted lvl 22 player

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    Neighbourhood Wanted lvl 23 player

    Neighbourhood wanted
    I am a lvl 23 player looking for a hood that enjoys the game with optional derby .I am active everyday and like to chat, hate neighbourhoods where no one talks....soo boring. I help others with items when I can.
    I live in the UK but would like to join an international hood so there is always someone to talk too.

    What I do not want in a hood

    * Hoodies that don't talk
    * Hoodies that take but never give back

    What I Want

    * Adult only hood
    * International hood
    * English speaking
    * Chatty and can have a laugh and a joke
    * helpers

    Please leave me a msg if you think I will fit in well within your neighbourhood.

    Thank you for reading I look forward to finding a home

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    Jul 2016
    Hello we are a small hood looking to add a few new neighbors.
    we derby weekly tasks 310 and above. Opting is is available if
    you can’t/won’t finish tasks. We are English speaking most of us from the
    US and one from the UK. If you’d like to join we are

    the Friendly Helpers #CCOVRQL
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    Hey friend! I just started this game not too long ago and made a neighborhood with a couple of friends. We would like to expand our neighborhood and meet some new people! We’re looking for anyone that is active and likes to do derby! We're pretty chill, all we ask is for everyone to be respectful and nice to each other! If you're looking for a hood, come join ours!

    Neighborhood: Fairy Tail
    Tag: #P2CYVULC

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    Come join me in A Van Down By The River! Easy horseshoes only derby. Red truck, blue circle.

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