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Thread: Derby prize BEM quantity increases if you shuffle

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    Derby prize BEM quantity increases if you shuffle

    What's with the derby prizes this week? I noticed the number of BEM offered in each line increases if you shuffle. Sure I like the extra expansion material, but everyone may not have the extra diamonds to do a shuffle or two. Is this yet another glitch?
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    I noticed this too. I recall the last derby your placing had an effect on the qty. I don't remember if this derby had that. I checked by shuffling and yep, the quantity went up.

    I think it depends on when you view the prize tab. So, if your in a low place, and you view the prize tab, the qty is based off that, unless reshuffled when at a higher placing.

    So when I checked my prize tab I think we were in 2nd place, we ended up in 1st by the end of it, and the shuffling caused the qty to increase slightly (I think by 1).

    This happened on the last derby too. Except when I first checked we were in maybe 8th. We finished that one in 2nd, and my NH mate didn't check her prizes until the end. She had 8 in her last column at the end and I only had 4. I already claimed my prizes at that point not realizing. Support corrected it (only after a ticket/chat was initiated by me) and sent them to my farm.

    But, that being said, there is definitely something "off" regarding those prizes lately.
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