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Thread: Need a th8 base for 6th anniversery cake.

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    Need a th8 base for 6th anniversery cake.

    Hello,I need a th8 base layout in which I can get 6th anniversery cake at corner of the bases not in middle of the bases.
    I got five 5th anniversery cakes at middle of the position and I don't want this thing to happen again.

    Kindly give me your player tag so that I can join your clan and copy the base.


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    It takes less than 5 minutes to do such a layout.
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    Not hard to do. Use your walls to cover every space. Pop them down one at a time and space then 3 tiles apart
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    Just toss the Bomb Tower in somewhere making sure not to open up a 2x2 space and you'll be golden.

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