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Thread: my strongh handmade th9 warbase layouts

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    my strongh handmade th9 warbase layouts

    so there it is 2-bases works so well using them. im at fairplay clan and enemies had so many problems to get 3stars on these bases.feel free to copy
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    Nice work. Bases look strong.

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    nice base design.working good for me.strong base

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    first base cc 2 valk 1 baby and wizard works well. .queenwalk or golems gets his kicked ♥♥♥ fast ,if they start top.also gonna make more bad ♥♥♥ bases. stay tuned !
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    The first base looks pretty solid except for the CC, which should be much harder to lure and the walls to the northwest, which could be used in a more productive way.

    The second base is a lot worse IMO. Quad EQ spells open up the entire base from the core, and symmetry is something to avoid in war bases, but I can see a lot of effort in these. Make sure to keep them coming!
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  6. #6 took 25 min to make new one havent tested yet any toughts ?
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