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Thread: BH8 with level 1-4 defenses, upgrade priority?

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    BH8 with level 1-4 defenses, upgrade priority?

    So I rushed to BH8 with very weak defenses, mostly level 1-4. I've now gotten all buildings and army camps. What should my upgrade priorities be? I'm at around 2600-2700 trophies

    Here is the list of my buildings. The format is building name, followed by level(s) of each building.

    * Tesla: 4/1/1
    * Cannon: 5/4/1
    * Double Cannon: 4/4/1
    * Multi-mortar: 4
    * Archer Tower: 4/4/3
    * Firecracker: 3/3/3/1
    * Guard Post: 2
    * Mega Tesla: 1
    * Air Bomb: 4
    * Crusher: 4/4
    * Roaster: 1
    * Giant Cannon: 1
    * Spring trap: 2/2/2/1/1
    * Push Trap: 5/5/5/4/1
    * Mine: 6/6/6/6/6
    * Giant Bomb: 5/4/1
    * Wall: 20 at level 3, 100 at level 2, 40 at level 1

    Troops levels:

    Battle Machine: 1
    Barbs: 11
    Archers: 11
    Giants: 8
    Beta minions: 6
    Bomber: 6
    Baby Dragon: 2
    Cannon: 4
    Witch: 5
    Drop Ship: 1

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    Give this thread a read:

    That is the rough journal of my hyper-rush project. I took a game from brand new to BH8 in some ridiculous time frame like a month or thereabouts. I chronicled it along the way, what I upgraded and often why, as well as where I sat in the trophy rankings along the way.

    I've since largely moved on to other games and projects, but it should help outline a prospective course forward. To sum it up - I focused first on getting to BH8; everything was L1 when I got there except the few things that the level-up bonus pack gave at a higher level. (I did not gem anything though; just bought the level-up bonus packs.)

    My rushing style is to bring everything to not more than 2 levels below my current level, then upgrade to the next BH level, lather/rinse/repeat. With the hyper-rush, I did much the same but only once I reached BH8. I took everything to L4 starting with key defenses, then secondary, then tertiary defenses, and running traps/mines in between as fillers. Next, I brought the key defenses to L6, and everything else to L5. I also took my BM to L5 in between the key defense upgrades to L5 as well. Now that everything is where it would be for a normal rush, I run back to key defenses to L8, then secondary, then tertiary, then traps/mines.

    I typically put in 15 minutes in any given day running attacks and tried to pop in here and there to clear collectors, start the Clock Tower, start upgrades, and so forth. I invested very little time - this was truly a casual undertaking, it was just well planned and consistently executed.

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    Definitely upgrade the battle machine.. it’s really hard to save for it though because I struggle too

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    Read Noctaires thread - it has good recommendations about a good path to upgrade

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    For your army
    Battle machine to 5
    Rage Barbs to 14 to get 20 per camp
    Bombers to 10 to get 4 of them
    then Cannon Carts to 16
    You can go a long way with 100 barbs and 4 bombers but when you get cannon carts going you can surge

    As for defenses take all your point stuff to 4. They are cheap and quick upgrade cost/times to get to 4. Then work the special defenses. Better sooner than later to get things like air bombs, roaster and giant cannon out the way. When you get up in trophies it is painful having these down for prolonged times, but at your current level not so.
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    How about your collectors? There would be no point rushing without upgrading those collectors.
    I would put those 6 collectors to max at the top of my upgrade list.

    I think the rest of the upgrade will follow based on Noctaire's thread. good luck OP.

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