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Thread: ⚔️ArmyOf9YearOlds⚔️| #20YLR2LUJ | REBUILDING ACTIVE CLAN

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    ⚔️ArmyOf9YearOlds⚔️| #20YLR2LUJ | REBUILDING ACTIVE CLAN

    Want to join a clan with maxed clan games, good banter, a great war log and active members? Read on!


    Established: January 2018
    Clan Tag: #20YLR2LUJ
    Location: United Kingdom, anyone who speaks English is welcome!

    We are currently a level 5 clan that wants to rebuild and grow into a larger clan with passionate members. We always strive to be better, and go by the golden rule of give what you want to take, take what you want to be given. We enjoy doing wars but these are not mandatory, although we hope to run larger wars (30v30 to 40v40 or even a 50v50) in the future. We have simple rules, max donations, will max clan games and look forward to seeing what youve got!

    We also have plenty of great war bases and home / farm bases for you guys to run that we share on the clan chat. If you join our Instagram group chat we have even more waiting for you!

    Clash is important to us, but so is real life. We want to establish a social clan that has an active chat and knows how to have some fun because thats why we all downloaded this game to begin with!

    STATISTICS (As of January 2020):

    Level: 5
    Best War Win Streak: 10
    War record: 46 11 1 (W L D)
    Current CWL League: Gold III


    Clan Wars:

    We do constant clan wars and aim to do 30 v 30 or 40 v 40 wars. We do not do regular clan wars during CWL in this clan, but we hope to do 30 v 30 CWL to involve as many people as we can. After a war, we wait at least 12 hours to give people more than enough time to opt out if needed (i.e. heroes upgrading, on vacation, dont want to war etc.) During preparation day our devoted leadership team will fill all defensive war ccs and I or another high level member will help donate maxed troops and sieges for war!

    We take war seriously in order to maintain a good war log, so targets will be assigned by the leadership team depending on how skilled or levelled up we believe you are. Targets WILL be adjusted on battle day so please DO NOT attack until a mail is sent that indicates that the targets have been set in place. We expect you to follow these targets, and we are happy to help you guys plan an attack! We use war notes to give a suggested, concise plan for everyone and do not expect all triples, just for everyone to try their best! For lower town halls I have minis at TH9/8/7/6 so can clear some of the tougher bases and give you a mini tutorial on how to attack.

    Once we start gaining members we may use a form of social media (Instagram or BAND) to communicate with our team. Right now it is NOT mandatory to have these but it will be very much appreciated if you could use these!

    Clan Games:

    We always aim to max our clan games as soon as possible. For this reason, we will not have many spots available for members below TH6 (as you need to be TH6 to unlock the ability to play clan games) despite allowing everyone to join. If you are below TH6, do not be discouraged! We will happily take you as long as you are active. We expect members to get at least 1000 points for clan games. If you cannot meet this requirement please let us know why and Im sure things will work out

    Clan War League:

    We are currently in Gold III league but are pushing to be much higher, maybe even Crystal II. CWL runs similarly to regular wars but because of the nature of CWL and only having one attack it is CRUCIAL that EVERYONE follows plans. We do 30 v 30 CWL and the leadership team will fill all defensive war CCs. We hope that in return you will make your attacks. We do not kick for the occasional missed attack but if it becomes a trend be ready for the boot. We put everyone in the roster regardless of level so that everyone gets free rewards, and bonuses will be given to those who max clan games, donate a bunch and are generally nice to have in the clan as a reward for being such a great member!


    General rules:

    • Dont be toxic. Swearing/ Cussing is allowed, and we are quite loose but we do not allow toxicity, trolling or harassment in any form.
    • Speak fluent English. This makes it easier for us and you.
    • Do not beg for a promotion. This is a sure fire way of getting kicked. We promote people based on loyalty, activity and contribution.
    • Donate at least 500 troops per season. Request as much as you want! CC troops help a bunch for farming so please do not feel bad for requesting. We merely ask that you also donate.
    • Fill CCs before requesting. Do NOT request without filling all the requests that are open that you can fill.
    • Keep your opt in/ out badge updated. We do not accept I forgot to opt out as an excuse for missed war attacks. Please keep this updated and check it is correct for every war.
    • Requests that arent for war should be fillable by 2 town hall levels below you. For example, a TH4 should be able to fill a TH6s CC. If you are a TH6, make sure you only request for troops a TH4 is able to donate. Exceptions can be made for those in titans or above.
    • Be an active member. We dont have hard and fast rules but if we see people without league badges for a while you can expect to be kicked.

    Clan Wars / Clan Games:

    • Opt out if you do not have all your heroes up, or a spell factory is upgrading. For TH10 and above you can get away with 1 hero down but ideally this doesnt happen.
    • Do NOT beg for CWL bonuses. We give these based on contribution to the clan, which may not be the same as getting 21 stars as a TH5 in CWL. You need to do other things outside of CWL to get rewarded.
    • Missing war attacks is a trend? Expect the boot. We do not kick for an occasional missed war attack but we expect at least 90% of your attacks to be done.
    • Listen to instructions. We spend our time giving plans for bases and targets. Please respect these instructions.
    • Ideally, join the clans group chat on Instagram. DM me @zera041 to join. You can make a new Instagram account dedicated to clash if you do not feel comfortable joining with your personal Instagram.
    • Get at least 1000 points for clan games. This ensures we complete it and allows us to see that you are an active member.
    • Most importantly, have fun! Clash is a game, chat with your clanmates and get to know them!

    Town Hall Requirements:


    TH2 - 6: Town Hall 2 to Town Hall 6 will be accepted if we have lots of space. No specific requirements apart from follow instructions. We will make sure you are not rushed, and if you are we will help you unrush. We will teach you how to lure CC and attack in war with multiple armies.

    TH7: Town Hall 7s will be accepted as long as they have unlocked the Barbarian King and have unlocked either hogs or dragons. Your heal spell should be at least level 2. Your lab (the building) should be maxed (same for every town hall.) We will teach you how to lure CC, attack with dragons and attack with mass hogs.

    TH8: Town Hall 8s will be accepted as long as their dragons are at least level 2, their hogs are at least level 2 and they have at least level 6 walls. They should also have a Barbarian King at level 5 or above. We will teach you how to lure CC and attack with mass hogs or GoHo.

    TH9: Town Hall 9s will be accepted if they have unlocked all troops and their barbarian king is at least level 10. We expect you to get your heroes up as fast as you can since they are very powerful at a high level. We will teach you basic LavaLoon and Witch Slap.

    TH10+: Town Hall 10s and above should have all walls at least maxed for 2 town halls below them and should have experience in wars.
    TH10 Heroes should be at least 20/20 (King / Queen)
    TH11 should be at least 35/35
    TH12 should be 50/50/20 (King / Queen / Warden)
    TH13 should be 60/60/25/1+ (King / Queen / Warden / Royal Champion)

    We will help you with a bunch of meta attacks like QC Miners, PekkaBoBat, Pekka Smash, QC LaLo, E Drags, QC Hogs etc.

    Simply send a request in game and state your location as well as a brief sentence or two describing yourself. You can also PM me on Instagram @zera041.
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    im new in coc bro th6 going max. recruit me?
    For sure. Whats your tag?

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