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Thread: [Recruiting] The Lair (#20RQL9PPV) Th6+ | Level 3 Clan | Warring/Games/Social

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    [Recruiting] The Lair (#20RQL9PPV) Th6+ | Level 3 Clan | Warring/Games/Social

    The Lair is a chill and social clan (this doesn't mean we're not serious about winning wars and enforcing rules). We do back to back wars. We also participate in every clan games event and almost always get the highest reward tier. Feel free to request as many troops as you want for farming, as long as you're also donating to others. We're great for players of all ages!

    If you'd like to know more about The Lair, read on for our requirements and rules.

    Please read and understand all requirements, rules, and war guidelines before joining.


    • You must speak English fluently.
    • You must be Town Hall 6 or higher.
    • You must read all rules and war guidelines before requesting to join.


    • Keep your war preference up to date at all times. You can be in war as frequently or infrequently as you'd like, as long as you keep your war preference up to date.
    • Always use both attacks in war.
    • Be respectful to other members.
    • Donate when you are able
    • On battle day, help fill donation requests asap.
    • Don't donate the wrong troops.
    • Hopping is strongly discouraged; stay loyal.
    • Do your best to contribute a minimum of 500 points to clan games events.


    • Elder promotions are based on trust, activity, and war performance.
    • Co-leader promotions are based on the above factors, as well as additional maturity and leadership skills.

    覧覧What's in it for you?覧覧

    • War wins
    • Constant activity
    • No base calling or +/- 1 strategy in war
    • No required donation ratio
    • Fair play clan
    • A place in our clan for all your accounts
    • Great management across the family
    • Participate in as many events as you want
    • Relaxed atmosphere with no drama

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