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Thread: How to GoBoHo at TH8 - Guide Video

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    How to GoBoHo at TH8 - Guide Video

    Hi guys, I brought a new TH8 strategy guide to my channel today featuring the GoBoHo attack strategy, in my opinion the best strategy for 3 stars. I have attempted to break the strategy down into 5 steps for people follow. These are outlined below:

    Step 1 - Lure the Clan Castle - At TH8 it isn't a big deal to lure and with only 25 troop capacity for the CC you will be able to take this down pretty effectively. I lure this to one of the areas I will be setting a funnel so that Wizards left over merge into step 2.
    Step 2 - Create the Funnel - Standard stuff, but vitally important and this strategy guide is very much aimed at beginners too. Be sure to leave buildings standing to draw your troops in, i.e funnel from the outside in.
    Step 3 - The Main Army - Once you have the funnel set you can bring in your King and Bowlers to access the core of the base. I personally like to take 4 EQ spells (3 of my own and 1 in my CC) however you might need to bring wallbreakers for the perimeter if you cannot directly target the middle.
    Step 4 - Heal Spells for Maximum Benefit - Step 4 and 5 often overlap and are used interchangeably. You want to protect the Bowlers in the middle so for example if Teslas and Giant Bombs go off, you might want to heal the core to keep them alive; if not heal the hogs!
    Step 5 - Hog Rider Deployment - Ideally you want to bring these in surgically, use the approximate 3 for each defence when you are starting out and heal the most dense area/area of splash. As soon as the Hogs have taken out defences in an area be sure to have your clean up troops quickily following behind to take out them trash buildings left over.

    I hope that helps many of you and at TH8 you will crush majority of bases with it. Have a good day and Clash On!

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    Nice job,
    I wish we had bowlers when I was TH8. we just had the volatile goho when giant bombs did extra damage against hogs.

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