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Thread: Puzzle Event issues!

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    Angry Puzzle Event issues!

    I had an issue tonight when I completed the 4/5 puzzle boat and did not get puzzle reward and the next boat was not a puzzle reward boat there was still over 4 hrs left in event. I still had two opened puzzle pieces on reward board still opened. I only need 4 to finish last sanctuary animal. Why is this happening?
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    Because you have 2 waiting for you in derby rewards.

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    Even with the 2 Derby rewards I wouldn’t be completing last animal. The puzzle piece is not available on Wheel of Fortune in today’s event, why not let me finish last animal?

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    Yes, I also had the same issue. I understand the rules, I even used 10 diamonds to receive my boat and I never received any puzzle pieces. Kinda disappointed

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    I contacted support and they helped me and I got my pieces and I was satisfied they addressed my issues. If you need more info let me know

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