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Thread: Derby finished 60 x 400 tasks completed 1st Place - summary of tasks

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    While I agree that the proportion should perhaps be better, what you need to remember is that for both fishing and strawberries, there are many other options apart from 400pts.
    They are not like, for example, the hamburgers where you will get maybe half a dozen different value tasks and each fewer burger will result in significantly less points. What was it, 13 burgers for 400? 12 gave you 383 or something like that, 11 = 365 and so on.
    Strawberries was about 290 for 400pts but the next step down was to 396pts. Quite a difference from 383 for burgers, yes?
    And of course, plenty of others possibilities too.
    So while it is possible that one in every six burger tasks that pop up would be worth 400, perhaps only one in 20 strawberry ones would be 400.
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    Yes Dean that's exactly right. With fishing tasks, you get 320 point fishing very infrequently during a normal derby. There is also 318 point fishing (which became 396 points when boosted) and 315 point (which became 394 points when boosted). I don't remember off the top of my head what else there is, but if there is 320, 318 and 315, you can bet there are a TON of other options, all of which reduce the possibility of getting the 320/400 point variation.

    Compare this to baskets, which only have a small number of variations, with the 320 point ones being coming up VERY often during a regular derby.

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    I had 5 x Vegan basket and 4 x Varm basket and 1 x hamburger.

    This is the worst derby so far in variation of tasks.

    Sure its easy just stack the heck out of it but special derby used to be fun now just boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatfinger View Post
    Thanks Vever, how many of your tasks were 400s
    we did all 400 point tasks - 4 people - 9 each - we don't spend diamonds to place top 3 because everyone else does too, and particularly with this derby, speed was an issue. We did not get our 9th tasks done until Saturday night and Sunday morning so we were in 3rd, but finished in 5th

    even with stacking, knowing what was coming (warm task mostly, over and over, I'm sure each of us did at least 3 ice cream tasks), it was a long week.

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    I remember seeing 1 or 2 400 fishing tasks but mainly baskets; warm and vegan baskets especially. Seems like this derby was geared towards us spending diamonds. We did all 400's and all but 1 person did a 10th. We were 1st by close to 8000 points.

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