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Thread: Organizing your members under “categories” tabs

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    Organizing your members under “categories” tabs

    This feature would be very useful for all clan leaders. Whenever I want to organize people to war wanna know what country they are from, are the active or not,etc... These are simply just tabs that you can put your members under so you know who they are (of course you can rename the tabs). If you don’t like the idea of tabs then I suggest marking them with different colors would be equally helpful. I hope Supercell will add this feature to the game.
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    I fail to see how this would help you manage your clan.

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    OP, if this is something you want to do, it would best be done outside the game in a spreadsheet or some other document, and it really doesn't seem worth the devs time, if I'm honest.

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    I don't see anything bad about this idea, seems like a good way to organize your clan

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    This feels more appropriate for something a third party could do as a separate, independent app aside from Clash of Clans to make. They give you the tools and you do the work while looking at a few ads.

    Idea's out there if anyone's interested, DM me if you make it happen 'cus I'd definitely use it!
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