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Thread: Only getting Gold from Resource Boat? No Wood/Stone/Iron

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    Only getting Gold from Resource Boat? No Wood/Stone/Iron

    For the past little while, I am only getting Gold from the Resource Boat - no Wood/Stone/Iron.

    I still have all the resource bases, and clicking on the resource still says 15,140 per hour production from resource bases. And no, the storage is not full.

    Posted this in the general forum and looks like I am the only one experiencing this problem.
    One user suggested that the bug could be caused by one of the statue I use. But I have not changed my statue line up for a long time.

    BTW, I do not have the "Contact Us" link described in "
    How To Contact Supercell In-Game Support (Boom Beach Edition)" post.
    There is nothing in the top right corner of my help screen.
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    Hello Yesup,

    Ok 2 questions so I can try to be as helpful as possible.

    1. Can you post some screenshots of your boat ONLY giving you gold?

    2. What device (specifically) do you play on? I made the guide covering IOS and Android, so if you use a different platform, I would like to see what you get!

    Edit: You can use a method 2 to contact SC support. I am presuming you can get to the help button part. Click on any topic, keep clicking on any subtopic until you reach an article and see a "was this helpful". Click "no" and theyou should see a "contact us" button at this point. I hope that helps. Please let me know if this works, so I can try to be more helpful as needed!

    Look forward to your reply,

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    Sad to see the BB forums go :'(
    CIAO all

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