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Thread: Fairness and championship leaderboard

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    Fairness and championship leaderboard

    Dear Hayday. I am wondering if you can explain the unfairness in the tasks this week between different hoods ? I am in contact with a lot of Leaders and we discuss our hoods. How and why is it that some hoods have received so so many 400 tasks this week and other hoods have received only a handful PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS! I know this happens on a regular basis but this weeks derby is ridiculous and there is a huge difference. How is this fair and just playing. I can honestly say if this continues you will loose a lot of players and hence revenue. PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS!
    Robyn, Leader from The Active Help.
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    i'm with you, in my hood, verry few of those 400's, while other hoods from day one already reached the half of the maximum points.
    very ridiculous indeed, byebye new decor

    and thats another thing, don't put special decor for only the first 3 winning hoods, thats so unfair for others...
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    We had only ONE 400 points task! Totally unfair!
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    Please refer to the dictionary definition of random.

    I can assure you they haven't coded it to favour certain 'hoods.

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