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Thread: Member Swap with my 5 man tf

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    Member Swap with my 5 man tf

    Anyone with 2 accts in the same 5 member tf? Consider the possibility of improving recruitment by being in 2 tfs. I have a lvl 42 and a maxed lvl 65, willing to trade either. Repond here or come visit Dog Regiment

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    Awol fireball

    I dont have another account but if you want to borrow some attackers and leave one of yours at awol.
    Thats cool🤙

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    No thanks, looking for mutual commitment

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    Picked up a lvl 65 member, my lvl 43 member available for swap

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    I’m not talking about selling or swapping accts. I’m talking about me playing my lvl 43 in your tf and you playing your acct in my tf. Looking for a little commitment, I’ll commit if you will

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