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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyboo1 View Post
    What is this? I am not able to watch the live stream
    Watch the stream from 1:37:30
    You will get it

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    maybe the stronger your clan is(all the war weight of everyone opted in) the higher the league and the better rewards you get from the cw
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    I think it will either work like the CR war league seasons or like a clan war tournament (between 8-128 participating clans with increased rewards at each bracket).
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    Bracket Tournamnts?

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    This would be nice if it is just a bunch of random clans joining a season long tournament through match making and not something like CWL where you have to apply and get in and the whole nine yards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornswoggle View Post
    I totally understand, that there are several leauges in each tier. That is so obvious, that it is insulting to act, like I didn't know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hornswoggle View Post
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    may be a month worth of hype & we get an update when the boost event ends?

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    I think it will be....

    Some form of clan war league system.

    Darn. Spoilers.

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    So I will dive into the speculation pool, head first and without checking the depth, or even whether there is any water.

    First assumption: Clan War Leagues will be like a tournament.

    getting 8, 16, 32 or 64 "evenly matched" clans into a tournament is a logistical impossibility. solution would be to pick a war size, and let each clan bring whatever forces they can muster, then let the big dogs eat. This system would favor big bases well maxed. You could still engineer. Engineers would face a decided disadvantage. Sound familiar?

    Second assumption: Clan war leagues could be on the "Risk" Model.

    6 to 8 clans thrown onto some kind of map fighting clan wars to control different territories. The revisions to the background maps on the goblin campaign (adding place names) and "find a match" field could be clues to this approach. Once again seems like it would favor stronger clans. I have no problem with this.

    Third assumption: or it could be something as lame as putting you in a meaningless "league" with 99 other clans, all of whom achieved similar scores in your last war.

    I know. It is a lot to infer from 3 words. But 3 words imply a lot. That is why I want to label this, again, pure speculation.
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    It will be just like in Clash Royale. This should help to match clans much more fairly and based on skill rather than the current broken system. This right here is the END to engineering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LachNessMeownster View Post
    I think it will be....

    Some form of clan war league system.

    Darn. Spoilers.
    wonderful spoiler ahead.

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